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I placed my order over 30 days ago and it still has not arrived. I would like to check on the status.
I need to make a change to an order that I just placed. (Changes cannot be made after 48 hours from the time the item was purchased.)
I’m a team owner or officer and I’m looking to create a new jersey for my UBA Team / Franchise. If this is the case please visit https://www.ubaproshop.com/uba-jersey-design/ to design your UBA Jersey.
I have a problem with an order that I just received.
I need to have the sponsor logos removed from my Apparel.
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Please go to the U.B.A. Team and Jersey section to order your Official U.B.A. Team Jersey. (You must have the permission of your U.B.A. Team President in order to purchase a U.B.A. Team Jersey.) All Independent U.B.A. Bowlers may purchase their Conference jersey after they have completed their online registration and paid all associated fees. 

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