UBA Proshop
UBA Proshop

                         ***No Claims on Merchandise after 3 Days***

UBA Jerseys can take up to 30 days to be delivered. When ordering your jersey please keep this in mind. The UBA is not reponsible for matches or events missed due to UBA bowlers not having thier official UBA Jerseys.

U.B.A. Team or Style
Men's Cut or Ladies Cut
Jersey Design Style
Name on Back of Jersey

Please go to the U.B.A. Team and Jersey section to order your Official U.B.A. Team Jersey. (You must have the permission of your U.B.A. Team President in order to purchase a U.B.A. Team Jersey.) All Independent U.B.A. Bowlers may purchase their Conference jersey after they have completed their online registration and paid all associated fees. 

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